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terms and conditions

1. 100% advance payment to be made before commencement of a service/programme.

2. If the number of sessions of a package are used up before the duration of package ends, the services will have to be renewed with a new package.

3. Fees once paid will not be refunded if the client fails to attend sessions scheduled in advance.


4. Client MUST sign the consent form and provide their correct medical history records.

5. All disputes are subject to KARNATAKA jurisdiction only.

6. STAIRS Physiotherapy and Fitness will not be responsible for any injuries occurring during the Strength & Conditioning programme. However, based on the assessment of our Sports Physician, we can relax the duration of the programme by two weeks.

7. Any programme cannot be transferred from one person to another, in part, or as a whole.

8. Any session provided under a service will be counted as a separate session.

9. Compliance with STAIRS Physiotherapy and Fitness recommendations on recovery and workload is important for the efficacy of the programme.

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