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Bio Mechanical Assessment

Biomechanics is a word you’ve probably heard if you have visited a physiotherapist before, but may not have understood what role it plays in your rehab and everyday life. Biomechanics is a fancy term, for the science of how and why your body moves the way that it does. In a real life setting, we use biomechanics to determine the best way to complete movements.


Biomechanical Examination

A physiotherapist would use an observation test to analyze and take their best understanding regarding differences in motion and imbalances which might be present. We measure your movements and imbalances to exact degrees. This allows us to spot even minor imbalances before they lead to larger problems. 


What to expect at a Assessment?

Expect to move! The only way for a physio to know how you move is to watch and measure how it is that you move. This means you should wear comfortable clothes and your favorite workout shoes.

Physiotherapy results

Your Goals

Also be prepared to answer questions about your life and potential problem areas. What does your work set up look like, how often do you exercise, what concerns do you, have you had injuries in the past, any areas of recurring pain?

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