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Let's see what our clients say

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sanjay rajpal


From being Stairs' very first client, I've come a long way – from struggling to make it to sessions to leading the morning 'FIT TO RUN' program at 5:50 am. I've shed 30 kilos, transformed from obese to fit, weak to strong, and now run with ease. Thanks to Somya, Hari, and the Stairs team, I'm back with my old confidence and the belief I can conquer anything. Stairs isn't just a fitness center; it's a life-changing place. Five years in, I'm more excited and confident than ever, ready to conquer any challenge. Forever grateful.

reshma rajpal


My fitness journey with STAIRS began before their official opening. Somya and Hari guided me towards fitness, health, and strength, even helping me run a marathon as their first client. Despite some health setbacks, their support kept me motivated. When they launched the FIT TO RUN program, my excitement was unmatched. The structured approach, including body warm-ups and gradual run length increase, ensures safety. I eagerly anticipate each morning session and dream of running another marathon soon.

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Asha sivasankaran

Senior Program Manager.

I used to be a runner, but with Somya sir and Stairs, I've become an athlete. Unlike my earlier years of marathon running, where I learned through mistakes, Stairs has taught me the comprehensive physical and mental conditioning needed for a sport. Here, I've learned to train like an athlete, not just physically but mentally, handling challenges like injuries and ups and downs. Stairs Fit to Run is ensuring more people start their running journey right.

Durga Prasad

Networking engineer

I reached out to Stairs after a Grade III ACL tear in June 2021, skeptical about ever running again. Dr. Somya Rout assured me he could remove my knee brace within a week. With doubt in my mind, I started my journey with Stairs. Dr. Somya's dedication and his team's support amazed me. In May 2022, with Stairs help, I ran my first 10k after limping with a brace. Stairs gave me a new lease on life and a passion for running. The Fit to Run community aims to guide athletes to injury-free running. Thanks to Dr. Somya Rout and Team Stairs for their support and here's to creating fitter athletes in India.

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