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sports physiotherapist

Saloni, a seasoned physiotherapist with a specialization in Sports Physiotherapy, holds a prominent position at Stairs. Her passion for growth is evident through her dedicated work as a senior team member. With a Master's degree under her belt, she brings a wealth of expertise to her role. Beyond her professional achievements, Saloni finds solace in the pages of books and the joy of cooking. Music and artistic pursuits also capture her interest during leisure moments. The dynamic environment at Stairs acts as a catalyst for her multifaceted growth, motivating her to consistently strive for excellence. Her commitment to her craft is reflected in her desire to provide optimal care. Outside of work, Saloni's affection for dogs shines through as she eagerly anticipates adopting a furry companion in the near future.


sports physiotherapist

Shashwath is a dedicated professional with a Master's degree in Physiotherapy specialized in Musculoskeletal Disorders and Sports. With a year of hands-on experience, he excels in evaluating and treating pain, post-injury rehabilitation, and personalized exercise prescription. Certified in Orthopedic Manual Therapy and Neuro-dynamics, he skillfully employs techniques like Mulligan and Neural mobilization to alleviate pain, enhance mobility, and boost overall well-being. Shashwath thrives in his dynamic work environment, supported by friendly colleagues. His passion for physiotherapy is evident in his commitment to helping clients regain optimal health. When not working, he finds solace in listening to retro Hindi music, embarking on bike rides, and indulging his love for trekking and swimming.


sports physiotherapist

Akshata holds a Bachelor's degree in Physiotherapy and is a certified International Dry Needling practitioner. Her professional pursuits align with her passion for helping others. Beyond her dedicated work, she finds solace in sketching and cherishes quality time spent socializing with loved ones. Akshata's leisure activities also encompass watching insightful videos. Her adventurous spirit shines through as she explores new destinations, embarks on lengthy bike rides, tends to her garden, and nurtures her love for pets. Within the realm of her career at Stairs, she thrives within a collaborative team that values innovation. Akshata deeply appreciates the team's supportive and forward-thinking environment, which enables her to flourish and contribute meaningfully.

strength & conditioning coach

Meet Soumya - Your Partner in Unleashing Your Full Potential. With one year of dedicated experience in high-performance and functional training, I am Soumya S & C coach. My passion for unlocking human potential has driven me to specialize in Level-1 ASCA and NSCA-CSCS certifications, ensuring a top-tier training journey for you. Whether it's cricket or long-distance running, I bring a holistic approach to elevate your performance. Beyond the realm of fitness, I find joy in bike riding, immersing myself in captivating books, and embarking on adventures to discover new horizons. You'll find me at Ulsoor and Koramangala on alternate days.

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sports physiotherapist

Shubhagi, a compassionate and empathetic physiotherapist, holds a Master's degree in Physiotherapy (Sports) and boasts a year of valuable experience in the field. With a heart for helping people of all ages, she is dedicated to guiding clients towards their best selves. Shubhagi's expertise extends to certifications in Orthopaedic Manual Therapy, Myofascial Release Therapy, Pilates, and Aerobics instruction, as well as Therapeutic Taping. Her approach is tailored to individual strengths and needs, ensuring effective and personalized training. Her extensive background includes aiding both athletes and non-athletic patients on their journey to recovery from injuries and musculoskeletal discomfort. With Shubhagi, clients can expect comprehensive support that nurtures their well-being and revitalizes their physical potential.

sports physiotherapist

Sam Azariah Philip is an accomplished physiotherapist specializing in Musculoskeletal and Sports, holding a Master's degree in the field. With an impressive 12-year journey in Sports Physiotherapy, he has honed his expertise to cater to the unique needs of athletes. Notably, Sam helped Indian origin Canadian badminton player for his 2022 pre season Tokyo Games. His experience also includes serving as a physiotherapist for the senior badminton team and Yonex Sunrise Hyderabad in 2019. Beyond his professional pursuits, Sam nurtures a personal passion for Volleyball and Badminton, reflecting his unwavering commitment to the sports world both on and off the field.

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